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Self-Audit Toolkit

Easy to use format to check the compliance essentials

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    About the Toolkit

    Ideal fro Restricted Operator Licence holders, our Self-Audit Toolkit covers all the basic areas of your undertakings such as; tachograph and driver hours, vehicle record keeping, maintenance and defect reporting. The toolkit will enable you to conduct a review of your own systems and procedures, perhaps prior to an external audit, so that you may make an informed decision as to the general level of compliance within your organisation.

    Record Keeping
    Do you have a dedicated vehicle file containing all documentation that the DVSA will require during a site visit for each of your vehicles?

    Are your vehicles inspected within the agreed maintenance intervals?
    Do your drivers perform daily walk around checks before first use?
    Are defects reported, rectified and signed off by a responsible person?
    Do you have a maintenance system that records all of this information?

    Tachograph Analysis
    Is your tachograph data analysed on a regular basis?
    Are your drivers notified of tachograph infringements in writing and are records kept?
    Do you have a tachograph calibration certificates and are they up to date?
    Have your drivers been trained on how to use a tachograph correctly, and are they aware of drivers hours rules?

    Forward Planning
    Do you have a vehicle maintenance forward planning system in place?
    Are all vehicle maintenance events planned in advance by at least 6 months?

    The easy to use Self-Audit Toolkit is designed to check all the compliance essentials. Available, exclusively from Transport Management Services.

    If you would prefer to have an experienced Transport Consultant perform this task we offer a Licence Evaluation service. During your visit the Consultant will provide instant feedback, advice and guidance, followed with a written report outlining current levels of compliance.

    Self-Audit Toolkit available today for just £99
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