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Universally recognised within the transport industry

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    About the Accreditation

    As one of the best ways to demonstrate an excellent standard of compliance, FORS accreditation is universally recognised within the transport industry. At Transport Management Services, we can advise you on the best ways to ensure you are doing everything possible to meet the standards required. We assist companies to understand their legal requirements under the ‘O’ licence undertakings and the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) in a practical way by offering a hands-on approach. This helps fleet and road transport operators stay compliant with current legislation. Our expert team also guides companies to gain and maintain their FORS accreditation at all three levels.

    Our FORS Advisers’ expertise and font of knowledge has served to produce the UK’s leading talented team with a high level of understanding of what is required in order to gain accreditation, whether it be Bronze, Silver or Gold level. Our FORS Advisors will advise you on how to implement the procedures to create the evidence that the FORS auditor wants, in exactly the same layout, in the same sequence. Our practical hands-on approach makes it simpler and quicker for companies to devise and implement robust policies and procedures to achieve various FORS accreditation levels.

    Where to start? We normally start with a gap analysis; this will help you understand the FORS Standard and the requirements to gain the accreditation.  Also, it will identify any policies, procedures and any evidence missing which the auditor will require to see.

    From this gap analysis, advice and guidance will be offered.  This can range from creating a fully documented Work-related road risk (WRRR) policy, which covers all seventeen policies and procedures that are required under the first requirement (M1) of the FORS Standard. If you require additional guidance from one of our team experts, day visits can be arranged to assist you in gathering all the documentation together until you are fully prepared for the audit.

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